About us and this digital travel magazine

Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure that we present you the new digital “Dolomites Val Gardena Magazine”. Take the opportunity to browse through and discover the different aspects and the unique features of the Dolomites in Val Gardena. The new “Gherdëina Magazin” digital magazine will help you get to know Val Gardena in a very special way. What lies behind the claim of ‘Burning Dolomites, what are the roots and fascination of the ancient Ladin language, what is the story behind Giorgio Moroder’s emergence as the Disco God of Val Gardena? These are just some of the topics the magazine will focus on.

Immerse yourself in the world of customs, legends, sports and cultural backgrounds that make Val Gardena such an extraordinary and charming place.

The digital travel magazine “Dolomites Val Gardena Magazine“ intends to evolve even more in future edtions. Meanwhile the editorial teamhope you enjoy these first chapters and intriguing stories. ‘Stay tuned in’ as they say, for many more exciting and interesting stories are already being prepared and will be available for your scrutiny soon.

Your editorial team
Dolomites Val Gardena